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Welcome to the teacher's pep rally!

We often find ourselves having so many conversations about work and the education system that we thought it might be something you want to talk about too.

Sometimes we peak behind the curtain to reveal the hard truths and struggles but this space is mostly to lift each other up, collaborate, and celebrate.

So put on your spirit wear and grab a bleacher. Let's talk about life and learning.

Dec 6, 2020

Student wellness, social and emotional learning, is not just a buzz word. Wellness is a necessity for both students and teachers. We had such an eye-opening conversation with our guest, Jodi Miller, about the importance of a wellness check. Jodi is the co-creator of Well Cheq which is an app for students to check-in, check-on, and succeed. Imagine being able to use data and checkpoints to help each other. Grab a bleacher. Let's talk about life and learning.